Beautiful San Diego Beaches

With 70 miles of pristine coastline, year-around sunshine and mild temperatures,  it is easy to enjoy the surf and sand almost any day of the year.  From expansive sandy beaches, rocky cliffs, reefs, tide pools and everything in between, the beaches in San Diego are as varied as the California beach towns that were built around them

Crystal Pier
mission beach_Fotor
Mission Beach
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Ocean Beach

Ghost of Greylock



The Berkshire hills are laced with legends and ghost stories, so I ventured up to Greylock to explore this enigmatic region and hopefully encounter a few ghosts. My first stop was the Bellows Pipe Trail which is rumored to be haunted by a ghost called the “Old Coot.”  This ill-fated soul named William Saunders earned his living as a farmer before being called away to fight for the Union in 1861. About a year later, his wife, Belle, received a report that her husband had been gravely wounded and was in a military hospital. That was the last she heard of him. But Bill Saunders had survived, only to return home and find Belle remarried.


In 1865, a bearded, ragged man, wearing a Union blue uniform, stepped off the train in North Adams. You can guess who had finally returned home. Saunders walked to his farm, and while standing outside he saw his wife and happy family, his children calling another man “daddy.”

Crushed, he turned on his heels and walked away, heading toward Mt. Greylock, where he built a ramshackle cabin in the remote Bellows Pipe. He lived the rest of his days there, almost a hermit, hiring himself out occasionally to farms, known to locals only as the “Old Coot.” War and time had ravaged his appearance and no one recognized him.

grelock stream

People say the Old Coot was caused by the horrors of war and grief over losing his family. One cold winter’s day, hunters came upon the shack to find the Old Coot’s lifeless. They were the first to describe a sighting of the Old Coot’s spirit fleeing up the mountain, but he’s haunted the trail ever since.


To this day, his disheveled spirit is sporadically seen on Mt. Greylock, always heading up the mountain, but never coming down. You might be skeptical about this tale but are you brave enough to walk the Bellows Pipe Trail after dark?

Circle B Bar Preserve

Located in Lakeland Florida, Circle B Bar Reserve is among the best birding and wildlife viewing spots I have been to in  Central Florida. The preserve is a  former cattle ranch that today features impressive numbers of ducks (Black-bellied Whistling-, Mottled, Blue-winged Teal and sometimes Ruddy Ducks) and shorebirds (Long-billed Dowitchers, Wilson’s Snipe and both yellowlegs) in winter and wading birds are present all year long. 

eagle circle b


Circle B Bar Preserve

Barred Owl

Barred Owl


Beautiful Great Blue Herons

The Venice Rookery is one of the country’s  best  destinations for Bird Photographers. This bird sanctuary sits quietly amidst the busy strip malls.  During nesting months (usually beginning in December and lasting through May), you can see a vareity of birds cincluding Great Blue Herons, Great Egrets, and Anhingas  building nests, courting, and raising chicks.

herons neck




heron flight best


land baby