Oregon Coast

Every summer, millions of tourists head to the quaint seaside towns and tranquil marinas that mark the Oregon Coast. From fantastic lighthouses and shipwrecks to secret coves, spectacular beaches, and striking panoramas, the Oregon Coast enthralls and inspires.


Opal Creek

The Opal Creek hike will lead you through an ancient, old-grown forest, past abandoned ruins, and into a clearing that features a cascading breathtaking 30-foot high waterfall and pool that looks like a watercolor painting.


Cape Meares

Cape Meares was initially named Cape Lookout by Captain John Meares in 1788 but another cape ten miles south was mistkantly listed on a naturical map as the same name. As a result, a rumour started that the lighthouse was intended for Cape Lookout and was mistakenly built on Cape Meares.


Magnificent Montana

From striking lakes surrounded by sweeping mountain views, Montana is a dream destination for photographers. And Yellowstone National Park is one of the most beautiful and exotic parks in the world.